Thursday, September 2, 2010

What a happy, happy day!

OMG!!!  Blogger finally let me post on an embedded comment box!  YAY!!!
*~Doing a little dance!~*

Lookie, lookie what I gottie!!!

Thanks Amanda!

*~Doing another little dance!~*

That means I have to add an "awards" section!
Even if that means this will be my one and only...LOL
One is enough to put a smile on my face!  :)

Since I can currently comment on embedded comment boxes, I'm off to surf!  Then off to enjoy some hurricane edge weather!!!

Come back soon for posts of a scarf made from a sweater.  I'm still hand embroidering it, tho.  I'm wondering if I should add some beads, too!


Jumping Jack said...

Thanks for trying to vote for my dress. You first have to like the boutique challenge group. And, I'm always up for another challenge! What do you have going on?

Also, congrats on the bloggy award!

ANKH said...

Oh, I'll go try that now.

Click on the black button in the upper right corner of my blog. It has a scrappy looking pumpkin on it. :)

Thanks! :)

ANKH said...

AHHH! Half asleep, I just accidentally clicked the delete instead of post button! :(

Sorry, yall! :(

billiemonster said...

Eep! Congrats girl! You deserve it. :o)

Like what you see? Let us know! :)