Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some bad news and some mini features

Well, the verdict is in:  Morgan will be spending another birthday in MUSC.  The hole in her heart is bigger than they thought it was.  They got a clear view in today's sedated echo.  The previous plan for her heart surgery is no longer an option.  Now they will have to crack her chest open instead of going thru the arteries.  The only good news so far is that she will not need a pacemaker like her sister, Brooke did.  *sigh*  :(

So in other (less depressing) news:

Since there are so many awesome blogs that I can't comment on, I decided that I would add a blog roll to share the awesomeness with yall.  I even tried a couple risky new ideas to try to regain my posting ability...No such luck!!!

I, also, wanted to post about my favorite blogs.  I visit these blogs nearly every time I get online.  (Although, I don't comment every time I visit as I am often burned out by failed attempts on other blogs and sometimes I read by phone so I can't comment.)


My top favorite is:

If life was like a cupcake...  Patricia Rae Designs
(button borrowed by Shabby Blogs.
If I am violating a copyright, just let me know, and I will gladly fix it!)

Amanda is a really sweet girl. She blogs in such a way that you really begin to feel like you know her.  She definitely puts a part of herself into her blog.  She has the cutest little girls that she involves in crafting, too!

My next fav is:

Billie Monster

First of all, how can anyone look at that monster and not smile?

I really love Billie's recycle-crafts.  She crafts in such a classy style that really shows off that not all recycled crafts have to look hippie-like!

And then there is:

Who doesn't like bubbles?  Don't fib!  You know you do!  LOL

She blogs about random bits of smiley things.

I chose these 3 as my current favorites because I not only love their crafts, but I am entertained when I read their posts.  These 3 know how to make me smile even in these tough times!  (Even tho they prolly didn't even realize it!)  They reply to comments and visit those who comment!

I'm constantly finding awesomeness all over the place, tho!  Please do check out the blog roll!  There are many blogs that are just as fabulous as (or at least close to)  these 3!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Important Info For All Bloggers! (Plus, Some Randomness!)

I hope everyone had a chance to vote for Prince Poppycock!  He is such a beautiful and inspiring person!  He's been referred to as the "male Lady Gaga," but she can't even touch his fantabulousness!!!  His awesome costume designer, Steve LaNasa, couldn't have done a more perfect job capturing the essence of Prince Poppycock in his creations!

On another note:
If you were emailed this link by me, or happened upon it by any other means, you will really want to have this information on hand!

I thought it would be important to post a bit of important information for all bloggers.  This is some info that it took me a while to find the solution for.  About a week ago I started noticing that many blogs that I regularly visit, I could no longer comment on.  I would type the comment in, but when I clicked "post," absolutely nothing would happen!  It wouldn't even give me an error...nope...nuthin'!

Well, I found out that
my blog wouldn't let me post comments, either!  (I suddenly wasn't getting anyone else's comments, too!)  So after much homework, I (with help) found the solution:  Over, apparently, at least 2 years, blogger has had an on-again, off-again problem with the "embedded below post" comment feature.  So if you aren't getting any comments on your blog powered by blogger, make sure you change the comment posting option in your blog settings.  There are too many blogs that I've visited that I wasn't able to comment on, I couldn't list them all.

I believe that we should help each other out, by spreading the word to anyone that may be experiencing these problems!

If you would like to share this information, grab a code from below.  If you believe you may have fallen victim to this glitch, change your comments setting, leave a comment below, and I will visit you to leave a comment letting you know if it is working.  If I don't comment within a reasonable time, come back to this posting and see if I have replied to your comment with the inability to comment on yours!  If I have not commented on your blog, yet, nor replied to your comment here, I have not had the chance to visit you, yet, but I will!

Grab the Button:

Get more comments by working around this blogger glitch!

Grab the link:

Get more blog comments by working around this blogger glitch!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tutorial: Fishing Lure From Found Objects

  • Hook (like the one shown)
  • Metal bottle cap
  • Various nuts
  • Various beads
  • Scrap wooden block
  • Scrap fishing line
  • Nail
  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Waterproof glue
  • Waterproof paint
  • Feathers (optional)
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Chocolate (an absolute must!  LOL)


~  Eat a piece of chocolate to fuel the crafty process.  ;)

~  Take your cap outside and scuff it up by scraping it on the sidewalk, with a rock, or in coarse dirt.

~  Use your pliers to bend the cap into a fish body-like shape.

~  Lay your "fish body" backside down on the scrap wood block.  Hammer the nail just inside the inner ridge.  Only hammer it in enough to get just past the nail point.~  Wiggle the nail back and forth to make the hole large enough to slip the hook barb in without forcing it.

~  Put the hook into the cap as shown.

~  Tie a nut to the end of the scrap fishing line, thread on small beads (if desired), Then thread on a larger bead.  Wrap the line once or twice around the hook, then back thru the larger bead.

~Use the pliers to tuck the large bead into the cap.  Pull the fishing line until the dangler is at the level desired.  Then thread on more small beads, and tie on another nut.  Cut off the excess fishing line.

~Using waterproof glue;  Glue feathers up it's butt.  Be careful not to glue the feathers to your fingers!  When/if you do, and your feathers are pulled out...eat another piece (or 3!) of chocolate!

~Then decorate using waterproof paints and glitter (if desired.)  Going to a sporting goods shop really helps in choosing colors that fish will probably find appealing.  :)

Here are 6 more fishing lures in progress.  Obviously, some of the steps can be done in a different order (or changed altogether!)  You have to experiment to find what is right for you.  :)  I would love to see your version(s) and hear your success (or non-success) stories!  :)

Tutorial 20th-Starting Today on Henthorne Handmade!

I have decided:  The 20th of every month will be known as "Tutorial 20th" here on Henthorne Handmade!
Maybe, I will post more than one tutorial in a month, but nonetheless, I will definitely post one every 20th!

I hope to inspire you, and I am always interested in anything you make that is inspired by anything I post!  So feel free to post link(s) to your inspired work in my comment sections!  :)

And I love to be inspired by you, too!  So if there is anything you have in mind that you would like a tutorial for, I would be more than happy to test it out and make a tutorial for it!  With a link to you as the inspiration, of course!  :)


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Recycled Halloween Craft Challenge! Will you win?

2010 Recycled Halloween Craft Challenge

I have decided to host a Halloween Craft Challenge!!!

What do you get if you win?
  • Bronze Winner-  Your blog/site will be featured on the Henthorne Handmade blog, and have a "bronze medal" for your blog/site!
  • Silver Winner-  Your blog/site will be featured on the Henthorne Handmade blog, have a "silver medal" for your blog/site, and you will receive your choice of a Henthorne Handmade trick-or-treat bag or a Henthorne Handmade Halloween-style clutch!
  • Gold Winner-  Your blog/site will be featured on the Henthorne Handmade blog, have a "gold medal" for your blog/site, and you will receive your choice of a Henthorne Handmade trick-or-treat bag or a Henthorne Handmade  Halloween-style clutch plus a grab-bag assortment of Halloween goodies!  (Think stickers, scrapbooking paper, mini craft kits, and various other surprises!)
Sounds fun, doesn't it?!

How do you participate?

Use the linky-link at the bottom of this post to add a link to your tutorial page. (Not to your blog itself, but to the actual blog page that your tutorial is on.)  The posting period ends September 24, 2010. 

How will the winner be determined?

You will be rated on:
  • Originality
  • Execution
  • How well you photographed your craft (Quality NOT Quantity!)
  • How well you explained the process of creating your craft
  • How well you did in the public poll
  • Recycled content of your craft 
On September 25, 2010, A poll will be posted, please come back and rate!  Participants and non-participants may rate in the poll!

On October 1, 2010, the rating period will end and the winners will be posted soon thereafter!


  1. The tutorial must be yours!  It is ok if it is inspired by something else, but include a link to your inspiration.  (Even if it is difficult to see how you were inspired!)
  2. It must be a Halloween craft.
  3. You must have a means of me contacting you in case you win.  (I doubt this will be a problem, but just in case...)
  4. You must be willing to provide me with a mailing address if/when you win.  (Privately, of course!  Only for Silver and Gold winners!)
  5. Choose carefully...Only up to 3 tutorials per entrant. (One person can only win once, tho!)
  6. You must post the button (or a link) on your blog!
  7. Last, but certainly not least:  Your craft must involve recycling to some degree!
In the event that the winner cannot be contacted or is found to be in breach of the rules, the runner up will receive gold status! (and so on)

Good Luck!!!
And don't forget to grab the button for your page!  Only one button is required!  There are 2 to choose from to the top of the right side bar!

Link up to join here:

Fellow Swap-Botters

I just wanted let my fellow swappers know that just because you've been rated for the Blog Me, Baby Swap... that does not mean I am done rating you, so don't feel disappointed if you didn't get a heart, yet.  I am rating 5's as I receive your comments.  Hearts are being given to those that come back or that decided to go the extra mile by going to my old posts since they are still good!

Many of you will already see that I've updated your ratings with a heart and a comment.  If you do not have a comment, your rating isn't complete!  If you do have a comment, but still no heart, you may still find your rating updated later with a heart.  "Following" while not actually following will not give you a heart!

Just wanted you to know!  :)



I was hoping to be able to post at least every week.  Unfortunately, the fates don't seem to like that idea!

My life has been crazy hectic, lately!  My car went kaput and tried to drive itself into the courthouse and 2 other cars!  I managed to keep that from happening, but now I am in serious need of a replacement vehicle!  I have become an assistant for Olde Towne Preservation, LLC. (This is mostly a no pay gig for the experience.)  I may, also, become a partner for a new company that is showing much promise locally, CrownMedallions.com!  (I made that website, BTW.  That's what started my involvement to the point to where Jeff asked me if I would be interested in partnering!)  Crown Medallions is now expanding online, too!
 That news is bittersweet since my new schedule is too much on me and I must cut some things out.  That is hard to do!  I really hope this all works out!

I did work on more fishin' lures.  They are not done, yet, but I will post them when they are.  This time they are more detailed.  I will post a tutorial, too!  I went to Dick's Sporting Goods to get some inspiration for colors and such.  I can't believe how many PINK lures there are!  Since fish [supposedly] can't see red, I wonder how well pink even works?  ...Orange, too, for that matter?  Hmmm.....

The pictures randomly tossed all over this run on post, are pics I took with my phone while out and about that I found inspiring.  Maybe you do, too?  Here are a few more weird ones:

The first is of windows in what used to be a church.  The second cracked me up.  Yes, that is a car boot on a tree!  LOL  And the third is a baby swing made out of 8 knobbed dowels and woven yarn!  Cool, huh?

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Environmental Enrichment

Since the criminals have stepped up their stupidity in our neighborhood, I haven't been able to leave the house as much!

C'mon!  Who breaks into a sheriff's house?  I mean, SERIOUSLY!?!

Anyways!  With as much as it would seem that I would, therefore, have all the time in the world to devote to crafting, I really don't.  I guess it is just another bad week.

I did sorta do something crafty:  I made an environmental enrichment toy for my furbabies.  I used a plastic gum container.  I drilled a hole in the side of it only a smidge bigger than a piece of cat food.  Then I filled 3/4ths of it with cat food and added a pinch of catmint (so as to draw their attention til they learn what it is.)

While it didn't take them long to learn:  "If I smack it across the floor, it rattles!"  Surprisingly, it took a while before they learned that they were smacking food out of it!  Blue noticed it first.  And it quickly turned into a game of one smacks it out and the other steals it!  LOL


Sunday, August 1, 2010

My old blog...

I have been procrastinating, but I finally moved most of my favorite posts from one of my old blogs to this one. I dated them for the time they were originally posted. Feel free to look back at the archived posts! :)

Like what you see? Let us know! :)