Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some Bloggy Awesomeness!

I just wanted to share these with yall:

I joined the Stashbusting September Blogs Challenge!  No more junkin' for crafty supplies for me! (At least for September!  LOL)

You must check this out!  I am glad I found someone that loves Halloween as much as I do!  (I wish she had a button!)  I sooo love her "pumpkin girl" named "Pretty!"

Here is something else cool!  The first sewing box pic looks like a face!  I love random things that just so happen to look like a face!

 Check out this vintage Halloween box, too!

The Blackberry Vine has a cute little felt pumpkin person, too!


Jenglamgirl said...

THANK YOU OH SO SO SO SO MUCH. Much appreciated. Jen

ANKH said...

You're very welcome! :)

ANKH said...

AHHH! Half asleep, I just accidentally clicked the delete instead of post button! :(

Sorry, yall! :(

Jami said...

Thanks for the bloggy shout out! Love your recipe on top!

ANKH said...

Thanks! :)

Bursts of Bubbles said...

Oh I remember commenting on this but my comment hasn't shown up. I loved the blog you posted and ended up following it.

I have tagged you on my blog for 10things that you love can't wait to read it.

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