Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some bad news and some mini features

Well, the verdict is in:  Morgan will be spending another birthday in MUSC.  The hole in her heart is bigger than they thought it was.  They got a clear view in today's sedated echo.  The previous plan for her heart surgery is no longer an option.  Now they will have to crack her chest open instead of going thru the arteries.  The only good news so far is that she will not need a pacemaker like her sister, Brooke did.  *sigh*  :(

So in other (less depressing) news:

Since there are so many awesome blogs that I can't comment on, I decided that I would add a blog roll to share the awesomeness with yall.  I even tried a couple risky new ideas to try to regain my posting ability...No such luck!!!

I, also, wanted to post about my favorite blogs.  I visit these blogs nearly every time I get online.  (Although, I don't comment every time I visit as I am often burned out by failed attempts on other blogs and sometimes I read by phone so I can't comment.)


My top favorite is:

If life was like a cupcake...  Patricia Rae Designs
(button borrowed by Shabby Blogs.
If I am violating a copyright, just let me know, and I will gladly fix it!)

Amanda is a really sweet girl. She blogs in such a way that you really begin to feel like you know her.  She definitely puts a part of herself into her blog.  She has the cutest little girls that she involves in crafting, too!

My next fav is:

Billie Monster

First of all, how can anyone look at that monster and not smile?

I really love Billie's recycle-crafts.  She crafts in such a classy style that really shows off that not all recycled crafts have to look hippie-like!

And then there is:

Who doesn't like bubbles?  Don't fib!  You know you do!  LOL

She blogs about random bits of smiley things.

I chose these 3 as my current favorites because I not only love their crafts, but I am entertained when I read their posts.  These 3 know how to make me smile even in these tough times!  (Even tho they prolly didn't even realize it!)  They reply to comments and visit those who comment!

I'm constantly finding awesomeness all over the place, tho!  Please do check out the blog roll!  There are many blogs that are just as fabulous as (or at least close to)  these 3!


PatriciaRaeDesigns said...

your are just too darn sweet thanks a millions i'm going to have you over at my blog as well :)


PatriciaRaeDesigns said...

oh and i also wanted to say that i'm soo sorry about Morgan that truly sounds heart breaking I hope that she will be okay along with her sister :)


ANKH said...

Thanks! She is such a fighter! She will be 3 on Sept 29. She still wears 9 month clothing, tho. She has had one thing after another. We are hoping that once the hole is closed, she might be able to gain some weight so she won't ever need a feeding tube ever again! Unfortunately, there's no guarantee. :(

PatriciaRaeDesigns said...

that really makes me sad I feel so bad is there anything I could do? I gave you an award go check my blog maybe it will make you feel you a little better :) prolly not but you deserve it any way...

Bursts of Bubbles said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that she feels better soon, with sending little gifts to postpal children you know that nothing you will say will ease the pain but at least whatever they get through the post will put a smile on their face.

Thank you also for mentioning my blog, I'm glad you enjoy my posts :). Thanks for all the wonderful comments that you have been able to post so far

Jason said...

Best of luck to the little trooper! And I hope she one day starts walking and kicks the doubting doctors in the shins! (Only the unhelpful ones)

ANKH said...

There really isn't anything anyone can do. We kinda got used to the rollercoaster, but you can't get used to when major things like this happens.

What a surprise, Jase! Yeah, we won't give up while there is still a chance for her to walk! Knowing her sassiness, she absolutely would kick them if given the chance! LOL

billiemonster said...

I'm so sorry to hear about what you are going through. Try to keep that smile on your face - it will brush off on others. :o)

And thanks so much for the blog love! I was just visiting over here tonight just to see what you were up to and boom I see blog love for me! You are so flippin' sweet! You put a big smile on my face. It makes me happy to know people actually give a crap about what I write about - more than you know! I think you have yourself a great blog here too - keep it up girl! :O)

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