Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I am such a DORK!!! LOL

I just found out that I have a ton of posts that have in orange letters next to them "draft." 


Apparently, my ditzy self had not remembered to click "publish post" everytime I type one out!  LMAO!!!

Feel free to laugh with/at me!  That's what I get for always doing too much at a time!  Now I have to reread and sum them up! LOL  Ugh!  Who wants to look backwards?!  Let's see how much I can remember...

I blogged about my nieces and the Downs Syndrome Buddy Walk that I will be doing on October 3.  Still no change of news on Morgan's heart surgery, but I might be taking Brooke on the walk with me.

I blogged about finding out why I can't always comment on embedded comments:  Turns out my internet card won't allow it, and I don't know how to change it.  But on a regular wifi signal, I can comment just fine.  *sigh*

Yesterday, I blogged about my dear Spencer going to the hospital for peeing blood.  He has an infection, but we don't know if it is in his prostate, kidneys, bladder, or just a UTI.  He is on antibiotics and has an x-ray scheduled.  The antibiotics cause a fever.  So I am taking the week off to be with my baby!

Hmmm.....What am I missing?  I refuse to cheat and look!  I must test myself!

Oh well!  I guess the rest wasn't really important...hmmm.....


Bursts of Bubbles said...

With mine it usually saves empty posts which is annoying as I then have lots of drafts with nothing there.

For a Pakistani tea you first boil the water, tea bag and sugar together, then add then milk and left it boil, turn it on a low heat and let it simmer for a minute before pouring it in a cup to drink. Some people add cardamon pods, aniseeds etc... but I don't like it.

ANKH said...

Several of mine were empty, too. But many were full posts. I just deleted them since I didn't feel like going back thru them. I figured I'd post it again as I remember them. I already know a couple things I missed in this post.

Thank for letting me know how to do the tea. I will be giving it a try tomorrow since I have to get more milk. I doubt the soy or almond milks I have would taste right! LOL

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