Monday, September 20, 2010

Earrings From "Trash" Jewelry

I made these earrings out of beads that came from broken necklaces and some found beads. I didn't realize the mass of beads I've found and collected. I haven't made jewelry in such a long, long time that my "found crap" bin has a carpet of beads (and other odd things) covering the bottom! I swear I had to have been a squirrel or raccoon in a past life, because I am always finding and collecting the strangest things! LOL I walk a lot, so I find all kinds of things in parks, trails, parking lots, and such.

The ones on the left make me think of Autumn.
The middle ones make me think of The Nightmare Before Christmas. 
And the ones on the right are like the offspring of the other two!  LOL

I might just open my etsy shop with them!  I have been wanting a shop for a while now.  I already snagged the Henthorne Handmade sub-domain on etsy, but I haven't "stocked the shelves," yet.

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