Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Theme Week-Day 4

Today’s project is another classic Valentine gift.  Well, technically, it is a classic gift for most occasions.  After all, who doesn’t like a darling little teddy bear?


He was originally going to be bigger and somewhat different, but he kinda morphed himself into what he wanted to be. 

He is made from stretchy velvety material that used to be a shirt!

I was, also, going to make him like the Mad Hatter, but then Travis mentioned how much he looks like a mouse, so instead I made him into the inebriated mouse from the tea party.

What a big mistake!  He has gotten completely out of hand!  He’s been partying to all hours!  I tried to have a talk with him about it, but he just scurried off in a spiral, and passed out!  Winking smile

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Theme Week-Day 3

Well, my ADD took over again!  LOL  I did finish 2 projects for days 2 & 3, but one of them is not what I started yesterday!  Let’s start with the one I did start yesterday:

I am limited on time for me to work on surprises for Travis.  It is hard to hide works in progress from Travis and our destructive cat at the same time!  Technically, it wasn’t finished by the time I took the photo.  I am waiting for the development of old photos that we hadn’t seen in a while.  Once they are in, There will be a ribbon around the top.  Not everything in it was photographed.  Most of the stuff wouldn’t make sense to anyone but us.  To everyone else these things are senseless trash, but for us, these things are treasures from different points of time in our history together.  I have:

  • a dated broken pool stick tip
  • a dated red-orange golf ball
  • a fuse
  • a paper football
  • an old car key to a car we don’t even have anymore
  • a little plastic pirate coin
  • old tickets and wristbands
  • and lots more priceless, crazy treasures!

Also included is the second thing I finished today:


What better for a bass guitar player that works in construction/restoration, than a trio of guitar picks made from a sample of Formica?!


Since he plays bass guitar, I should have known that the sushi guitar picks would be too thin for the thicker strings.  He played til he broke them!  LOL  So now these are thicker, stronger, and less feminine.Winking smile

If you are wondering how the picks fit the theme:  They are handmade Valentine’s gifts that were made with love!Red rose

PS:  Most of the graphics can be found on the Graphics Fairy blog!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine Theme Week-Day 2

As I said I would make something every day this week;  I have in fact been a busy bee today.  Two halves do make one whole, right?

I won’t give away too much, but I will give a sneak peek into “day 2’s” & “day 3’s” projects that were both started on day 2, and will both be finished on day 3.


You may be asking yourself why I started the second project before finishing the first, today.  I started with the sewing project and my back got sore from all the hunching over while sewing, so I had to stop.  Well, half a project wasn’t good enough for me.  So I figured:  two halves make a whole!  Smile




To be honest, much of my problems today revolved around poor time management.  That seems to be an ongoing problem with me.  Sad smile




I don’t regret all of it, but I do feel really bad that I caused my best friend to miss a lecture he really wanted to attend.  We bought him dinner to say sorry, tho.




However, we wouldn’t have found these cool masks or paper valentine’s dresses if we were on target.  Smile

Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Theme Week-Day 1

I decided to make up for missing week #4 by making something every day for this week’s theme!  I begin with a small project.  Just some hair clips I made from the flower decorations from my unbirthday party. 


I only took a pic of one of each, but both of them have a matching pair.  I thought in my poorly lit house, that taking a pick of just one at a time would make it easier to see them.


Aren’t they cute, tho?  I thought they looked too cute to just waste them, and a classic Valentine’s gift for ladies are flowers.  The pink ones are actually backed with flowers I got off a lei that I’ve had for a long time.  (I’ve gained quite the collection of leis.)  The petals don’t look even because they are curled, but they are even.  The beads in the centers were in a pencil sharpener I found.  Weird things are often left in weird places.  LOL

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Handmade Earrings For My Sis

Let me start off by saying that I changed my mind about offering more gifts for the time being.  7 are yet to be claimed on our Facebook page, so I think that is a good number to stop at for now.

So anyways…

My sis gave me a ring that would fit my tragus because I my old ring wouldn’t work right since my surgery in spring 2010.  Since then, my hole closed, but I re-pierced it at my unbirthday party on January 29th, 2011.  (The day after my actual birthday.)  She gave me a replacement hood ring, too.  (Technically, they were a pair that I chose to separate since my tragus and hood wear the same size.)

Well, I agreed to trade her a handmade pair of earrings for the pair that she didn’t want from her new 6 set.  And here they are:


I had a hard time photographing them.  This pic really doesn’t do them any justice, but it was the best I could manage at night in my low light house.  (She actually gave me that polish in my birthday present, too.  I don’t paint my nails often, but I love the color!)

The earrings are glass and metal beads.  I really wish yall could see them better.  Sad smile

I am surprised at how much I love these!  I knew I wouldn’t finish them until I liked them, but I’m not usually a big fan of yellow.  Yet, I seem to be drawn to purple and yellow this year!  Odd me!  Smile

They weren’t made of recycled stuff like my sushi box to guitar pick earrings or my recycled glass bead earrings, but I think they were worth it.  The purple thing is a piece of a birthday card envelope glued on a piece of thin cardboard stuff that was folded over a sticker that I found.

I hope she likes them!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Week 5? What Happened?!

The theme this week applies to the garment as well as the missing week #4.

In case you are wondering.  My un-birthday went so-so.  But the week prior and week since has been hell!  (I’ll spare you the details.)

I would start this post off by showing you my “failed” Alice dress for week #4, but I only failed in time constraint.  However the dress itself is still on the right track and will be finished and presented later, so I don’t want to spoil the surprise!  But there will be a make up garment soon for the missed week #4.


So this week’s garment was actually not what I was planning on refashioning this week.  This one is less of a “refashion” and more of a “save from a landfill!”


My sis gave me a bag of clothes for fixing, refashioning, and some she just didn’t know what to do with.  One of the garments was a knitted top that had many popped stitches and large runs.  I wasn’t sure I could fix it, but I set to work….


I surprised myself with how well I did at recovering all the damage!  I thought it looked better with the belt than just thick and boxy like before.  Like my new earrings?  (It was a birthday present-so I still haven’t used ANY of the $260 USD budget!)

For those that have “liked” Henthorne Handmade on Facebook:  More gifts will be posted tomorrow!  Sorry for the delay!  The PC’s and handmade gift sign ups are still open!  Check previous posts &/or the “Discussions” area on our Facebook fan page!  Smile

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