Friday, September 24, 2010

An Interview With ANKH

I feel like I haven't let enough of "ME" shine thru.  So I decided to interview myself for your amusement.  Then I will be handing over the reigns to y'all!  Here goes:

What were you doing on October 14th, 2008?  WHAT IS YOUR ALIBI?


LOL Let's bring out the good cop!  LOL

On October 14th, 2008, I married Travis and ditched my biological father's last name (Kivett) for Henthorne.  I actually shocked Travis by taking his name.  We had been practically married for 3 years before we made it "official."  We felt like our marriage was between us and the cosmos, and had nothing to do with courts, or anything else for that matter.  But due to my health issues, we decided to do the paperwork with it.  (Don't put it past us to get married without that stupid paper!)  Anyways, we had the conversation before about me not taking his name because it is sexist.  I told him I would take his name if he would take mine!  LOL  But then I realized there is more honor in taking his name (that comes from a decent family) than there is in keeping mine (that came from an abusive deadbeat!)  So here I am a proud Henthorne!  :)

Did your mother really name you after the Egyptian symbol for life?

Nope.  ANKH is my married initials.  Adrian is my first name.  I actually like Adrian, but I am so sick of hearing "Yo, Adrian!" (From Rocky.)  Most of my friends call me Pumpkin or Niki.  Adrian is mainly used for business.

How old are you?

Depends on who you ask.  LOL  Nobody ever guesses anywhere near my actual age.  I was born on January 28, 1984.  That makes me currently 26 years young.  However, as I always say, every smart woman quits aging at 21!  LOL  I'd be happy enough if people quit saying I look like a teenager, tho!  LOL

Do you have any children?

Not human.  :(  I can't have children.  There is nothing more in the world that I want more than children.

(deleted my history with children because it is too sad!)

Every time I've tried to have one of my own, one of my or Travis' siblings got pregnant instead!  :(

Do you have any pets?

Spencer, my Pomeranian, is my baby!  He is every bit the roll of the child I can not have!  I nearly passed out last Monday while at the veterinarian's office!  I've been crying for the past 2 weeks!  My poor baby has a gall stone the size of his leg bone!  It, also, caused an infection that made him pee blood!  He is on antibiotics and prescription food.  The poor little fella can't even have treats anymore!  When I got his prescription dry food, I bought 3 cans of the equivalent prescription food to experiment with making him some treats...We'll see how that goes...

Travis has his 2 kitties:  Blue (whose birthday is tomorrow) and Meatball.  You'll hear more about blue, tomorrow.  Meatball is the only surviving kitten from 2 litters of kittens.  He almost didn't survive, too!  We had to bottle feed him.  We literally brought him back from the brink of death!  He used to be solid white (like an albino.)  As he got older, he got similar coloration to a Himalayan or Siamese.  Seal point?  I think that's what he is called.

My husband keeps bugging me for another snake.  I don't know, yet.  Our last one was 8ft long and then some!

Why do you blog?

I actually ask myself that a lot!  I enjoy blogging.  I also enjoy reading others blogs.  I spend more time on other people's blogs than I do my own, even tho I like working on mine more and most people don't return the favor.  Sometimes I have to leave my house and find a different internet connection so that I can even comment.  Something about blogger and my wireless device does not get along, and blogger doesn't care to help those of us with this issue.  I only have problems with blogs that have embedded comments.  If you google it, many, many people have the same problem.  Which means that if you have your blog settings set to embedded post, you are probably missing out on many readers and their comments!

Really, I don't know why I stick with it.....

Favorites & Least Favorites:

Colors:  green, orange, blue  (I like all colors, but I think white and black are lifeless if not paired with another color)

Food:  pumpkin pie (pumpkin anything really);  Coconut is awful!  I do like to eat really weird things, tho.  (like bugs)  I don't hunt, but I am not against hunting for food.  I am against hunting for sport, tho.  I believe you must eat what you kill.  (Unless you kill for the basic animalistic right of defending yourself.)

Drink:  I love herbal teas, cocoas, and coffees.  I don't really care for soft drinks.

Season:  Autumn  I love all seasons in certain respects, but Autumn is the only one I don't hate something about.  It is still warm enough to swim, but not too hot!  And the colors are beautiful.  It is the time of year for harvest!  Which is like heaven for me!  I don't like how hot South Carolina summers are.  It really isn't the heat I hate as much as it is the humidity!

Holiday:  Halloween, but thanks to me marrying Mr. Christmas, I'm starting to like Christmas, too!  :);  I hate my birthday!  I am usually depressed around then.

Hobbies:  Crafting  I love making new and useful things out of stuff that would otherwise be thrown away.  I love camping and hiking, too.  I used to (and sorta still do) like geocaching, but some bad apples have taken over my area.  They keep placing tons of caches that are against the rules of geocaching, and some are, also, against the law.  But apparently, they must be friends with the right people because if you report them to the moderator, the moderator ignores and deletes your report!  It is still fun to do if I travel somewhere else for it, but I don't have enough money to travel far away every time I want to geocache!

List some random things about you:

  1. I am obsessed with all things PUMPKIN!
  2. I have the memory of a 150 year old!  If I have something in my hand, I can forget I am holding it, and if I don't hear it hit the ground when I drop it, I won't know I dropped it at all!
  3. My phone spends 75% of the time completely lost!  60% of the time the battery is dead &/or dying.
  4. I am more likely to pull a tool out my purse than makeup.
  5. I can fix most things that go wrong in my car.
  6. I have scoliosis to the degree that I should've had surgery.  According to the docs, I should have been in a wheelchair by now.
  7. I have menstruated to the point of being hospitalized and had 3 blood transfusions because of it.
  8. I don't really know how to talk to people.  Some people can't get me to open my mouth at all, others can't seem to shut me up.
  9. I enjoy pampering my husband!  I don't know why, I just love it!  (pedi/manicures, massages, wash/brush hair, etc.)

Now, It is your turn!  :)
Ask me anything you want!  No question is off limits!  I will answer honestly!  :)


Bursts of Bubbles said...

Thanks for sharing this, I've really enjoyed reading all about you as it helps to get to know the person writing much more.

ANKH said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was wondering if it was too long. I'm a secretive person by default. I guess because everyone considers me so weird that I just got used to the mask of normalcy. I tend to forget to let myself shine through.

Another little bit about me...I have really, really horrible luck 99% of the time! LOL

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