Saturday, September 11, 2010

Laundry Detergent Watering Can!

My husband crafted with me!!!

I can't believe it!  And he actually liked it!  :)

We made a watering can out of a liquid laundry detergent bottle.  We didn't exactly follow the inspiration.  (I almost never do!  LOL)  But it is still the same concept.  For the record:  I found her blog post thru her craftster post.  I still don't really have craftster figured out!  :(

I'm not done.  I want to add more to the sides and add stripes to the handle and neck that I left yellow.  I'm not sure what I'll add to the sides, yet, tho.  I just knew I had to have a cute little bumble bee on mine!  I googled "bumble bee clip art" and scrolled until I found 2 that we liked.  The deciding factor was that one was free to use and the other you had to pay for licensing.  Fortunately, the one I liked the most was the free one.

So I printed it out the size I wanted, and taped it where I wanted it, onto masking tape that was layered on the bottle.  I used a xacto knife to cut it out with a border, too.  Meanwhile, Travis drilled the holes in a cute pattern on the top.  After taping the handle and neck, we set up outside to paint it with some leftover spray paint we had from another project last spring.  Then of course removed the tape.

Isn't it fantabulous?!

And don't yall forget:  The deadline for the Recycled Halloween Craft Challenge is fast approaching!  You can enter up to 3 tutorials per contestant!


Bursts of Bubbles said...

Its turned out so well, you'll have to post another picture so that we can see the finished product :)

ANKH said...

Thanks! I sure will. I'm not sure what I'll be adding, tho. hmmm.....

I'm still working on my 10 things BTW! :)

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