Thursday, January 27, 2011

52 Week Wardrobe Refashioning Community

I decided to create a community blog so that others may participate in the 52 Week Wardrobe Refashioning Project, too!  And if they must pledge, then so must I!  :)

I, ANKH, pledge to join the Henthorne Handmade 52 Week Wardrobe Refashioning Project by turning to my refashioning skills and turning old and boring into new and exciting. I am happy to be part of the 52 Week Wardrobe Refashioning Community where we can encourage and inspire one another to be green, frugal and creative.

I agree to follow the rules, and understand their purposes. I further pledge to at least contribute inspirational goodness once a month (or more.) And to show fellow contributors the same courtesy I would like to receive from them. Including sharing my positive thoughts in comments.


52 Week Wardrobe Refashioning Community Blog

Friday, January 21, 2011

Week 3: Wishful Thinking

Although I love the cold weather, I do wish now could be spring!  I’m preparing plantings and looking at all the seed packets with all the beautiful colors.  I keep thinking of all the pretty dresses I want to wear this year since I’m not bedridden or wheelchair bound this year!  (Knock on wood!!!)

I am drawn to a different color every year.  I don’t know why.  I just am.  This year I can’t stop thinking about the color of most of the pansies that I am seeing all over the place.  I wish I had some!  I never thought of myself as a purple kinda gal, but this year I just can’t seem to get enough of it!

Week 3

This week I captured a bit of that in this dress.  I know I should’ve had a better shot, but I was so busy goofing off in it that almost all the pictures came out blurry.  I like the dress.  I do need to tighten under the arms a bit, but otherwise I am very happy with it!  Smile  Sorry, no previous picture.  It was just a plain broom skirt.  Isn’t the umpire waist awesome?

I bought some red dye, too.  I probably should have done a purple project during the Amethyst month and a red project during the Garnet month.  Oh well!  Smile

Monday, January 17, 2011

Some Good News

Sorry!  No craft for yall today.  I have been uber-busy all weekend!  There are just some things I felt like sharing:

I finally got more reliable internet!  I am so excited!  Since Travis’ pdaNet quit working properly, I have noticed one thing after another blocking me from doing…well…one thing after another!  LOL

The last straw was finding out I could no longer blog!  Oh, uh-uh!!!

So we had our own line hooked up!  While we were waiting for Monday to come, I found out I couldn’t comment or reply to comments!  YIKES!!!

But all is now super groovy on that front!  Smile

For those that don’t know:

I was a Christmas Warrior for an orphan with Down Syndrome in 2010.  Well, I signed back on as his New Year’s Warrior for 2011!  If you would like to help Sheridan find his forever family, you can:

  • Donate to his adoption fund on Sheridan’s page on Reece’s Rainbow.
  • Donate to his adoption fund by mail to avoid PayPal fees by mailing a check or money order payable to Reece’s Rainbow DS Ministry, and don’t forget to make note of Sheridan (38).  Don’t forget the (38).  It lets them know which orphanage he is in.

Reece's Rainbow

PO Box 4024

Gaithersburg, MD 20885

  • And a third way you can help is by FREE SEARCHING!  All you have to do is download Sheridan’s free benefitbar search bar, and use it like you normally would any other search bar!

Download Sheridan’s search bar by clicking here!

The last thing I am going to mention tonight is…BABY DUST!!!

This past Saturday, I started another round of fertility medication!  This time it is something new with great reviews!


Baby Tinker Dust

We want a boy and a girl so we don’t really care if you give pink baby dust or blue baby dust!  All baby dust is accepted!  LOL

(Yes!  Even TWIN DUST!!!)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Week 2: Couch Potato

I’m a little later than I wanted to be in posting this week’s refashion tonight.  Travis’ pdaNet quit working.  So we had to go find Wi-Fi to post.

This week has been pretty chaotic, and yet, I bit off a huge chunk of a challenge!  (Almost too ambitious for this week!)

And here it is:


My new leather jacket!  And it was refashioned from this:


Forgive the crappy jacket picture.  The pile was photographed in the daylight, and the jacket was at night.  I don’t know why part is absorbing the light and part is reflecting it.  Maybe it is the way I have my arms.  I saw a jacket in a magazine that was one of those “not supposed to close” kinds, and I loved it.  However, I’m not as excited about my version.  I have more leather left, so I will probably be RE-refashioning this one.  I think I like how the cuffs tie.  I might keep that.

Overall:  Not bad for an experimental pattern used on leather that used to be a COUCH!  (The title makes more sense now, huh?  LOL)

The leather cost me nothing since it was given to me some time ago by a friend of mine whom repairs furniture.  Therefore, my $260 for the year has remained untouched!  Smile

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Silly Holidays: Play God Day

A few days ago I found a website about silly holidays.  I found some to be just plain dumb, but others were humorous.  Imagine every day being a holiday!  Bye bye, sanity!  LOL

So what holiday is it today?
How insane is that?
So me reading into it what I want to read into it, I determined it must be telling me to play Travis’ new God of War III on PS3!
Play I did!  I whooped some Olympian butt!  LOL  And found that thru the beautiful brutality of it lurked inspiration!  The animators were very creative with their designs.  Most of them provocative and many simply mesmerizing.  What inspirational pieces for a little cosplay!
So how many of you gamers out there still haven’t realized that Kratos is wearing a skirt?!  LOL
Like silly holidays, too?  “Like” Henthorne Handmade on Facebook for more silliness as the holidays come and go!  It is, also, a great way to keep up with all the latest posts and news about Henthorne Handmade and 52 Week Wardrobe!

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Week 1: Comfort the Sickies

Here we are.  At the start of a 52 week long project of refashioning frenzy.  Thank you to anyone who has joined my support team.  And thank you to those that have helped me thru this rocky start despite my being extremely sick!  Now on with the show!

Some of you may have guessed what I was making by the theme.  Other’s may have guessed based on Wednesday’s sneak peek.  Here’s a refresher:


The starting material for this project was a dark grey blanket.  I, also, used some “barberry red” bias tape that my MIL passed to me in a treasure trove of Great Grand’s old crafting supplies.  I had the thread for it.  So all together, this week cost me $0 of my project budget!  Such a spender, huh?  LOL


And here are the PJ’s:

Yup!  You guessed it!  PJ’s!  I didn’t make a top to go with it, because I knew I wouldn’t wear it.  I always wear Travis’ t-shirts with my PJ pants.  For the waist, I used the same bias tape to match the mask.  There is elastic hidden inside to keep them up.


Not bad for week #1, huh?
As of this morning, I am on antibiotics.  So as soon as I feel better, you’ll see me “hit it like a hurricane!”  (And return to my beloved kitchen!)  Keep coming back Friday nights for more of the 52 Week Wardrobe!  And catch bonus refashions as well as other randomness along the way!


I snuggle up in my PJ’s to some classic rock (old rock) as I leave you with a project that I found online that I really felt matched the theme.  It would be a great project to try next time I am robbing my bean bag toys for beans for hacky sacks!  LOL

52 Week Wardrobe-Fridays at Henthorne Handmade


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Project Intro and Sneak Peek

I wanted to post the introduction to this year’s major project sooner, but I’m off to a rough start due to being struck with the PLAGUE!  Everyone in our household is sick!  I’ve been struck with the worst of it.  Travis started having symptoms on the 4th.  And the fur-babies even have it!

But sickness or no sickness, I was determined to not launch this new project on a bad note!

I’m calling it my 52 Week Wardrobe.

In the 52 weeks of 2011, I will be replacing my wardrobe one refashioned outfit at a time.  I will even be making some shoes, purses, jewelry, and other accessories along the way as bonuses!  I am giving myself a total budget of $260 for the year.  (That comes out to $5 per week.  Yep!  That’s right…an entire outfit for $5!)  By the end of 2011, any remaining money in the budget will be donated to charity.  (The exact charity is to be voted on by you in December!)

Every Friday, I will be revealing the refashioned outfit of the week.  And look for bonus refashions throughout the remaining week days.

The first week’s theme:  Comfort the Sickies!

And here’s your sneak peek:


Not much, yet.  Just an eye mask.  Come back Friday to see the rest and what it was refashioned from!  Smile

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Random Goals for 2011

Happy New Year!
Here is a very short list of random goals for 2011.  Think I can stick to them?  LOL
~Refashion more stylish clothes~
I can’t say that I will keep up with the trends and styles that will be popular, but I do want to dress in ways that make me happier and feel more confident.  What I wear definitely affects my mood.  What woman doesn’t want to feel like she looks nice?  I do want to make rather than buy them.  (Keep an eye out!  A new project for this year will be announced soon!)  Plus, that will leave me more money to put towards this next one!
~Wear more shoes that make me happy!~
At risk of sounding commercial-ish, I must say this anyways.  I found this fabulous online shoe store.  I’m hoping to drop some hints to Travis for my birthday.  I’m not 100% sure how it works, yet.  But I get the impression that you take a quiz (which I have already taken), and their stylists send you shoe pics based on your preferences which you can buy for $40 a pair with free shipping.  You are able to rate styles to help the stylist better pick out shoes for you, too!  (Or you can just buy the ones you pick out yourself…)
Fabulous Boots
~Become Healthier~
Travis got me (for Christmas) a Jack LaLanne juicer that I’ve had my eye on for a couple years.  I am so excited.  I am hoping that juicing will help me include more natural vitamins and minerals into my diet.  Hopefully even enough to correct the deficiencies that an American diet is prone to.  I plan to use juicing as one step towards trying to fix my body and become more baby-ready.  I’ve long given up the sodas, but bottled juices are often not really juice at all.
Do keep an eye on Henthorne Handmade for future recipes for juices as well as the pulp. (Why waste those vitamins, right?)
This includes working out.  An adequate work out plan is yet to be made, tho.
I know I’ll be adding to this list, but for now I wanted to try to limit myself to a small list so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.
If you make a post about your 2011 goals, I would love to check it out!  Smile

Like what you see? Let us know! :)