Friday, January 7, 2011

Week 1: Comfort the Sickies

Here we are.  At the start of a 52 week long project of refashioning frenzy.  Thank you to anyone who has joined my support team.  And thank you to those that have helped me thru this rocky start despite my being extremely sick!  Now on with the show!

Some of you may have guessed what I was making by the theme.  Other’s may have guessed based on Wednesday’s sneak peek.  Here’s a refresher:


The starting material for this project was a dark grey blanket.  I, also, used some “barberry red” bias tape that my MIL passed to me in a treasure trove of Great Grand’s old crafting supplies.  I had the thread for it.  So all together, this week cost me $0 of my project budget!  Such a spender, huh?  LOL


And here are the PJ’s:

Yup!  You guessed it!  PJ’s!  I didn’t make a top to go with it, because I knew I wouldn’t wear it.  I always wear Travis’ t-shirts with my PJ pants.  For the waist, I used the same bias tape to match the mask.  There is elastic hidden inside to keep them up.


Not bad for week #1, huh?
As of this morning, I am on antibiotics.  So as soon as I feel better, you’ll see me “hit it like a hurricane!”  (And return to my beloved kitchen!)  Keep coming back Friday nights for more of the 52 Week Wardrobe!  And catch bonus refashions as well as other randomness along the way!


I snuggle up in my PJ’s to some classic rock (old rock) as I leave you with a project that I found online that I really felt matched the theme.  It would be a great project to try next time I am robbing my bean bag toys for beans for hacky sacks!  LOL

52 Week Wardrobe-Fridays at Henthorne Handmade



Catch A Falling Star said...

Your pj's look super comfy!
Great job on them!

Heather said...

Thanks for the link! I love your blog!

eviscerus said...

Great start! :) Hope u get better soon so you can really enjoy the creative process! Looking forward to the next 51!

ANKH said...

Thanks! It turns out that it is expected to ice and snow again in the coming week. Perfect for how warm these babies are! LOL

My sewing fingers are already itching to get started on next week!

Bubbles said...

I hope your feeling better and that eye mask will hopefully help loads when resting. I'm grabbing a button :)

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