Sunday, January 9, 2011

Silly Holidays: Play God Day

A few days ago I found a website about silly holidays.  I found some to be just plain dumb, but others were humorous.  Imagine every day being a holiday!  Bye bye, sanity!  LOL

So what holiday is it today?
How insane is that?
So me reading into it what I want to read into it, I determined it must be telling me to play Travis’ new God of War III on PS3!
Play I did!  I whooped some Olympian butt!  LOL  And found that thru the beautiful brutality of it lurked inspiration!  The animators were very creative with their designs.  Most of them provocative and many simply mesmerizing.  What inspirational pieces for a little cosplay!
So how many of you gamers out there still haven’t realized that Kratos is wearing a skirt?!  LOL
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