Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Theme Week-Day 3

Well, my ADD took over again!  LOL  I did finish 2 projects for days 2 & 3, but one of them is not what I started yesterday!  Let’s start with the one I did start yesterday:

I am limited on time for me to work on surprises for Travis.  It is hard to hide works in progress from Travis and our destructive cat at the same time!  Technically, it wasn’t finished by the time I took the photo.  I am waiting for the development of old photos that we hadn’t seen in a while.  Once they are in, There will be a ribbon around the top.  Not everything in it was photographed.  Most of the stuff wouldn’t make sense to anyone but us.  To everyone else these things are senseless trash, but for us, these things are treasures from different points of time in our history together.  I have:

  • a dated broken pool stick tip
  • a dated red-orange golf ball
  • a fuse
  • a paper football
  • an old car key to a car we don’t even have anymore
  • a little plastic pirate coin
  • old tickets and wristbands
  • and lots more priceless, crazy treasures!

Also included is the second thing I finished today:


What better for a bass guitar player that works in construction/restoration, than a trio of guitar picks made from a sample of Formica?!


Since he plays bass guitar, I should have known that the sushi guitar picks would be too thin for the thicker strings.  He played til he broke them!  LOL  So now these are thicker, stronger, and less feminine.Winking smile

If you are wondering how the picks fit the theme:  They are handmade Valentine’s gifts that were made with love!Red rose

PS:  Most of the graphics can be found on the Graphics Fairy blog!

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