Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Theme Week-Day 1

I decided to make up for missing week #4 by making something every day for this week’s theme!  I begin with a small project.  Just some hair clips I made from the flower decorations from my unbirthday party. 


I only took a pic of one of each, but both of them have a matching pair.  I thought in my poorly lit house, that taking a pick of just one at a time would make it easier to see them.


Aren’t they cute, tho?  I thought they looked too cute to just waste them, and a classic Valentine’s gift for ladies are flowers.  The pink ones are actually backed with flowers I got off a lei that I’ve had for a long time.  (I’ve gained quite the collection of leis.)  The petals don’t look even because they are curled, but they are even.  The beads in the centers were in a pencil sharpener I found.  Weird things are often left in weird places.  LOL

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DP said...

They are definitely cute. I love the pink one with eyes. How adorable!!

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