Sunday, October 10, 2010

Update to Bloggy Land

First I want to start off with a shameless begging for votes!  I was in the lead, but someone else got a mass of votes overnight!  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!  I really want to win the Stashbusting September Craft Contest!  To vote go to The T-Shirt Diaries and vote for my Sushi Guitar Picks & Earrings in the voting poll on the right side of her blog!  PLEEEASE!!!

Ok now on to more news:

I apologize for being absent lately to many of you that I would normally visit nearly every day!  I am seriously ill!  I won't get into too many nasty details, but to sum it up, I'm bleeding to death!  Sounds overly dramatic doesn't it?  Well for better perspective:  I have a disorder that causes me to bleed...a lot!  In the spring (last time this happened) I needed 3 bags of blood transfused into me!  Normal blood count is at 11-12.  My blood count was 6.7 and decreasing fast!  (For those that don't know--4 is coma, and 3 is death!)

Don't get too freaked out.  I will probably be getting another transfusion within the next week.  But I do want to let yall know that I will likely be relying on some premade, scheduled posts, and I probably won't be able to reply for a few days!  I appreciate every comment I get!  Just know that I am NOT ignoring you!

Anyone curious about the disorder?  Me, too!  Obviously the doctors are imbeciles!

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