Monday, October 4, 2010

Please Help Andrea Help Downs Orphans

Andrea Faris Roberts is a mom of a cute little boy named Reece.  Reece has Down syndrome.  Instead of letting the Downs call all the shots, she stepped up to the plate!  I can tell you from experience with Brooke and Morgan:  to truly know a child with Down syndrome is to know a magic that exists nowhere else on earth!  (I try to tell people that all the time, but you can't really know unless you know!)

Reece, as well as, our own dear Brooke and Morgan, live happily in families that love them.  However, many Downs children aren't so fortunate.  In many parts of the globe, people with Down syndrome are not accepted by society, and tragically, many aren't even accepted by their own family.  Which means that way to many of these magical blessings are ending up in orphanages where they have a slim chance of ever being adopted.  That's where Andrea is Wonder Woman to the rescue!

Andrea started Reece's Rainbow.  Reece's Rainbow is an organization that not only finds loving families for these wee ones, but also works towards global acceptance and understanding of people with Down Syndrome!

How can you help these children, too?  I thought you'd never ask!  ;)

People magazine is hosting a People Reader's Choice Contest!  And Andrea is a contestant!  The winner will receive $10,000 towards her cause!  I've already visited the contest site and read her article.  I voted for her, and posted about her and the contest (with a link) on facebook with encouragement to vote and pass it on!

The voting ends October 8, 2010!  Please stop by and vote for her!

As always, the links in this post was placed there by me...and with good reason.  I always try to link to my sources and to additional relevant information.  As you can see, I also added the self updating Reece's Rainbow Angel of the Week feature button in my sidebar.  In case you are interested:  Reece's Rainbow Blog

And in late October/early November, I will be signing up to be a Christmas Warrior.  I would love if you could help me raise funds for my little angel!  More about this at a later date, tho!  :)

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