Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fabric Placemat Clutch

This clutch was made for Sewing Swap - Fabric Placemat Clutch INT. I didn't follow the tutorial for the clutch because the tutorial uses a rectangular placemat that is thin. My placemat is thicker because it is already quilted and it is an oval. I believe that the concept is the same. However, I didn't really read the tutorial. The pictures were enough for me to know I had to just wing it.

Fabric Placemat Clutch

I bought the set of 4 placemats while junkin' in my favorite local thrift store. I might make one more for myself. If so, I think I'll add more structure and a different closure than velcro…maybe… Or maybe I'll let my sister borrow it for a bit. She always manages to change the color of her clothes! I wonder what color the clutch would become! LOL (Said with love of course!) I suppose the other 2 placemats will just disappear into my stash???

I received my coffee cozy from my partner for the Coffee Cozy Swap! I am so excited! I love that my partner actually checked my swap-bot profile and used pumpkin fabric to pacify my pumpkin obsession…even though that fabric is out of season! It turned out better than I could have ever expected! I, also, love the huge, bare-wood button!

I, also, finally got around to finishing my wallet from a juice carton. I've been lazy about shopping for some velcro, but Travis ended up picking some up for something else and gave me the remainder. :)

BTW Folks: Today Travis and I have been together for 5 years! Time sure flies!!!



Kelly Lynn said...

I was the partner you sent your placemat clutch too! :) You just posted on my blog that you were in the same swap!! :) Isn't that funny?

ANKH said...

LOL I didn't realize that was you! LOL I can be such a ditz sometimes! LOL

Luvystacy said...

The clutch is super cute, love the fabric print on it...I wish I can do great things with fabric but as far as I can do is make fabric flowers...I'll get there...TFS! :D

Stacy (luvystacy from Swap-Bot) Blog Me, Baby Swap!

ANKH said...

That's so funny! I can't make fabric flowers! I somehow keep messing it up! It takes like a million mess-ups just to get one that's just eh! LOL

missstamper said...

I love the clutch and I'm sure your partner will too! Thanks for joining the swap. :)

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