Friday, July 23, 2010

Coffee Cozy

Purple Coffee Cozy

I made this coffee cozy for the Coffee Cozy Swap. I just had to go to Biggby's and try it out! I love it so much I almost didn't send it! I can hardly wait to see what mine will look like!

The pattern (that I mostly followed lol) is a pdf download here.

This is the inside:
Purple Coffee Cozy Lining


Jessica said...

That is a great fabric. I have the exact same fabric in my fat-quarter-addiction-stash-of-Shhhhhh-don't-tell-my-husband box. Hehe.

Uniqueeuphoria at swapbot

ANKH said...

LOL I can't keep those things secret from my husband. I'm always like "Isn't this just the cutest?!" And he just smiles. As long as I'm being cute when I say it, he can't get angry! LOL ;)

Crafty~Mama said...

I have been wanting to make one of those for such a long time. Yours turned out really cute!
Why this post? Because I saw the word "coffee" and I'm addicted to soy lattes :)

Alfie (iLovemail on Swap-bot for the Blog Me, Baby swap)

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