Friday, August 1, 2008

Tote-ally Crafty Bag Challenge

I entered the Tote-ally Crafty Bag Challenge on Craftstylish!

I almost didn't enter because of all the people that were breaking the rules and still allowed to stay in the competition. But Travis convinced me to join anyways. We can only hope that those running it will do the right thing. (...whether I win or lose.....)

So here's my last minute throw together:

Looks like a piece of candy!

Open flat.

Pulled drawstring.

I wanted a tote that could fit in my purse in a small form. So I don't have to have multiple empty totes on my shoulder walking into a store so I won't have to use plastic bags upon leaving. This way, it is there when I need it, and out of sight when I don't. It looks like a piece of candy when in it's small form, and like a regular cherry drawstring bag in it's large form.
I am entering it into the Tote-ally Craft Bag Challenge; in the omni-crafter category.
It is made from recycled white bed linens, red table cloth (that was a truck bench seat cover before it was a table cloth!), red coinlike charms from a belly dancing waist scarf thing, scraps of yarn, and the drawstring came from a broken dogleash.
I would really like to win because I feel my bag is innovative, and I could really use the gift certificate for my wedding dress.
(The red is redder than the pics make it look like. The stems of the cherries are 2 strands of yarn sewn twisted.....brown and green.)

So...what do yall think?

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