Saturday, October 1, 2011

Begin, Again

I know, I know.  I’m awful at starting something and not finishing!

I’m, also, really bad at taking on much more than I can handle. (Hence the lack of time to finish what I’ve started!)

This week I plan to do some serious soul searching.  I will be writing down all that I’ve gotten myself into, and then figuring out what’s truly important to me. 

As some catch up: I went off my self-medication for 3 months for the doctors to do some tests with nothing in my system.  Not only did she waste $200 bucks of my $15,000 lifetime allowance by classifying the visit as reproductive related, but she didn’t even do the tests!  I started hemorrhaging, again, due to being off my meds.  So from then til now, I have been taking them, again, and trying to rebuild my blood loss (without another blood transfusion!)

We have, also, moved into a cabin the size of our former master bedroom!  And Travis lost his job!  This has been such a difficult several months. 

I decided it was finally time to come back to the blogging that I love so much.  I will be freshening up this blog, and I am starting a new blog about our tiny house journey. (  I would love for you to check it out!

Thank you to those that checked in on me in my absence.  I’m sorry, for the unexpected disappearance.  Please, don’t give up on me!  Smile

Also, I may not be reviving the facebook page, as I am fairly certain I will be leaving facebook completely.

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