Monday, April 4, 2011

Egg #2-Rovi

Tonight’s egg is named Rovi.  I named it after one of my fav phone games.  The game is made by Rovio, and I think you can see why I picked that game.  (Angry Birds)


Rovi has some “battle wounds.”  After all, an empty eggshell is easy to break.  But she is still solid enough to last until Easter.

If you want to know why she is so angry, it is because little eggy, green pigs destroyed her egg babies!  (The nest above was destroyed by the wind and the 5 eggs that were in it came crashing down.) Sad smile

So after that, she followed the 3 little pigs example and left her straw home for a wooden one.


But that home was taken over by a wasps nest (from last year.)

Now, Rovi flies in-between the living room and dining room of a brick home.  (A home with evil cats that are keeping their eyes on her.)  I wonder where she’ll fly off to next?!

Of course, inside her are seeds that birds love…sunflower seeds!


If only you could see how silly I look with her!  The feathers flap in the wind.  So when I brought her in, I was running around the house like a little kid helping her fly!  LOL

The feathers came from a boa I used to wrap golf clubs to make pink flamingos for my un-birthday party.  The eyes were from the pack I bought to put eyes on silk flowers for the same party. Smile

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Hey Chicky!
It's been awhile and haven't seen you update in sometime. Hope everything is okay.

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