Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santingo-Free Christmas Game

This is my first post using a new blogging method called Windows Live Writer.  I am hoping it will allow me to create my posts offline, and then post the finished work at a later time when I have internet access.  If anyone has any hints, tips, or tricks for offline blogging, please do share them with me!
Ok, on with the show!
I created a game that I thought I would share.  I named it Santingo.  Ya know…a mix between the names Santa and Bingo.  I don’t know if anyone else has thought it up, too.  It is so simple, I wouldn’t doubt it.  The cool part is that it is really 2 activities!  The first activity is having each child assemble his/her own game card.  The second activity is actually getting to play them!
Print Free Santingo Holiday Game from Henthorne Handmade
Directions (Activity One):
1. Print a Santingo game card and clipart set for each child.
2. Supervise each child as they cut out his/her game card and clipart blocks. (Or cut it out for them.)
3. Provide glue sticks for each child to glue the blocks in the order they want them on their card.
4. Allow to dry, and the game is ready to play!
How to play (Activity Two):
· Ride around a neighborhood with lighted decorations.
· When you see a present decoration, mark out the present icon on the game card. Do so for each icon as you see them.
· The goal is to be the first to get a straight line up and down, left and right, diagonally, or each of the 4 corners. Then call out “SANTINGO.”
· To mark out the icons, you can use a crayon.
· If you laminate the card, you can use stickers to mark the icons. The stickers can be removed after the game is over, and the cards can be reused!
This game would be great to play if you have a local Festival of Lights like we do.  It would also be fun to play in a different town than your family is used to, but it can be fun in your own town, too.
We will be playing on Christmas Eve with Travis’ parents and little sister.  What better way to tire us out in time for Santa to come, huh?  LOL
Please do let me know if there are any problems printing this game!
Happy Holidays!


Bursts of Bubbles said...

Its great to see a post from you again and I hope this new method will work out for you especially if you can create posts offline then when you do get online you can set each post to post automatically everyday so even when you can't get online somethings happening on your blog :).

I love the idea of this game and it will keep children/adults busy for some time.

ANKH said...

That's what I will be doing. The email method wasn't turning out so well. My phone kept telling me the message was too long by the time I reached 5 sentences!

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