Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Style ADD!!!

One problem with being open-minded and interested in everything is that it makes one's "style" become so confusing that it is easy to loose track of self. I've been trying to figure out what my style is...and pretty much who I am. I swear I have a serious case of style ADD! And I'm not sure if my craft style matches my dressing style. So here I am trying to make sense of it all:

I like some of these styles, but not enough to feel like I look good in them. I do love the jolly roger/poison symbol, and make many things with it on them, but they usually end up just collecting dust. (But skulls are also fashionable in other styles nowadays, too!)

Rock & Roll
I love both the music and the style. I do own more of this style than any other, but I don't always feel like looking this way. And sometimes I feel out of place. However, it does hold up to my lifestyle.

I like many vintage things But I can't see myself liking how I look in most vintage fashions.

I love making dresses. I like to look pretty. And I would like the way many look on me if life were a still shot...But I get out of vehicles one leg at a time...And dresses aren't that practical with how I live my life.


I can design the hell out of some cool ass skank-wear, but I don't like to show much, and I don't like to look trashy.

Hippie-wear is sooo cute and comfy. I do think alot of it looks good on me. And most of it is eco-friendly...which is kinda a big deal to me. But most of it can't handle my lifestyle.

Of course I love to make everything under the sun, but I don't really know what I feel about the crafty look. I do like things I see with that style, but I never really tested out how I feel wearing it.


When it comes down to it, most of what I own doesn't match anything else I own, so I end up wearing mostly jeans and t-shirts. (Which I hate, but it does hold up to my lifestyle and is easy to match up on a whim.) And I am so weird about wanting clothes that are original and different, and that make people turn heads in a good way, but I hate to be stared at, and always think people are thinking bad things when they look at me. I hate my feet and simply don't know how to match shoes to outfits, so I always end up wearing my steel-toes. I LOOOVE SCARVES!!! But I can't ever seem to find something that matches them that I want to wear. And they get taken off and left places since I can't wear them safely when using machinery or hunched over a motor. I love to make purses and hand bags, but I usually don't carry them because I can't match them up, and I also forget I have them and leave them places. I, also, don't know how to style my hair to match these fashions. I can think things up but can't pull them off.


Jill said...

I know you posted this a while ago but I just found your blog yesterday. These comments are so ME! I like everything too and can't quite assign a style to myself. AND I'm old enough to be your mom :)

ANKH said...

I have since decided that my "style" is just ME. Whatever I feel like wearing or looking like, that's what I wear. I don't care if yesterday's clothes is a different style than todays, anymore.

I do think it is funny that when you don't dress for others, and only dress for yourself, the "others" decide to call you the poser!

People never cease to amaze me! ;)

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