Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Pillowcase Apron

First of all:

I would like to thank Nikki for the awesome postcard! Into my scrapbook it goes! :)

Now my latest:

I made this apron from a pillowcase. It looks better on me than on the dress form as I have more curves than the form. (which makes me happy)

I made 2 pockets for it out of the scraps, but only put one on. I like it better this way. My hubby calls it my "recipe pocket." And the buttons on the neck strap add to the look, and also, make it adjustable. It has ties in the upper and lower back.

It took me a quite a few days to make it, but only because I wouldn't spend much time on it in each sitting.

Full Pillowcase Apron

I decided I'm much too messy in the kitchen for a half apron to suffice. LOL I can now taste test without spilling hot hot food on "the girls." And I can wipe my hands down my sides instead of just my front.

I'm thinking about adding more to it, but for now I'll call it done! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Apron & Toddler Dress


As promised; I have 2 things to post about that actually turned out
well. Maybe my luck really is turning up! The first is an apron that
I made out of a pillow case and part of a sheet. I really like how it
turned out. Please
forgive the wrinkles, I haven't ironed it yet.

Pink dress

The second is a pink toddler dress. It has green ribbon straps that tie into cute little bows at the top. They match the leaves (that aren't showing up well in the pic.) It has daisies and bumble bees on it. It is so girly, but I absolutely love it!

Like what you see? Let us know! :)