Friday, October 1, 2010

RHCC 2nd Place Winner

Second place for the Recycled Halloween Craft Challenge belongs to...

Congratulations to Textiles 4 You!
The code for your button will be posted in the side bar for the next few days. Keep an eye on Henthorne Handmade for your feature post!  Email me your mailing address and which you decided you wanted to receive out of the Henthorne Handmade trick-or-treat bag or a Henthorne Handmade Halloween-style clutch! :)

Textiles 4 You's Halloween Wreath scored:

  • 27 in Originality
  • 28 in Execution
  • 25 in Photography
  • 30 in Explanation
  • 27 in Recycled Content
  • 1 in Public Poll
  • 138 is the Final Score!

 Thanks for participating!  With the abundance of video tapes making their way into landfills, it is great to see tapes being used for crafts!  We loved that you also used some of the tape to apply the glue, and that it didn't look like video tape in the end.  You were (prior to public voting) nearly tied with first place!



    Kristy said...

    Wow! Thank you! That is awesome. I made this wreath for my green local access t.v. show, but then I made a much simpler one for myself afterwards (with the vhs tape and flowers).

    Kristy said...

    I received the bag that you made yesterday. Thank you :) I used it last night. I love the skull fabric. Very cute.

    Like what you see? Let us know! :)